About the Art

Artist Statement - March, 2018

In all of Eileen Kane's artwork, line is the most predominant element. Kane begins her work with line and uses varieties of line to develop a sense of volume and motion inherent in her drawings, paintings and wire sculptures. In her watercolor figure series, unusual lines (done with watercolor inks from a dropper) create the gesture, often left as is. In several works, Kane uses watercolor paints to produce shapes that might suggest clothing. In the charcoal drawings and abstracts, Kane weaves lines in and through the values and colors, respectively, to build up layers, developing a sense of depth. Kane has also built wire sculptures from interweaving lines (wires). In her latest work (See "Other"),Kane burns lines into wood or cork (adhered to wood) to create more figures. She also uses black ink & acrylic paint to produce calligraphic-like figures on wood.

Color is obviously another important element in nearly all Kane's work, notably in her watercolors, landscapes and abstract paintings. Intense colors are used to emphasize the mood, place, sound and vitality of the pieces.

Texture also is prominent in Kane's acrylic paintings.

While figure is the predominant subject of Kane's work, she also creates non-representational (abstract) works that suggest landscape, architecture and light.

Another important factor in Kane's work is her experimentation with new materials and approaches that mirrors her previous career as a research scientist in neuroanatomy.